Dave Iversen (Adelaide)
UAV Pilot
Gino Cursio (Melbourne)
UAV Pilot 

Gino has an extensive career in commercial construction and is a qualified building inspector. Gino is also one of Australia's best  First person View (FPV) UAV drone racers and is exceptional in technically challenging and precision drone flying. Gino's our man for domestic and commercial aerial inspections and is also an accomplished aerial cinematographer.

Dave is our Post Production specialist and is an accomplished aerial cinematographer. Dave had a successful career with the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC), and is now working as a freelance cinematography across Australia. Dave has been tinkering with UAVs since their first inception and is an expert in the technical aspects of drones and their capabilities.


Aerial Acuity is a CASA certified Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operator with over 20 years combined experience flying multi-rotor UAVs (Drones). Our roots are in professional film production, with extensive experience providing precision aerial photography services for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Aerial Acuity has offices in convenient locations across the southern states of Australia including:

  • Melbourne (VIC)

  • Geelong (VIC) 

  • Adelaide (SA), and

  • Perth (WA)


Matthew Constable
Managing Director
UAV Pilot
Tony Butler (Perth)
Chief Pilot

Tony is our chief pilot, he has history working in the fields of aviation and insurance brokering and is an accomplished film maker. Tony started working with UAVs to produce aerial content for a number of TV shows including the Australian Off Road Racing Championships (AORC) and the Australian Open of Tennis. Tony specialises in commercial infrastructure inspections including Gas and oil infrastructure and aerial cinematography.

Matt has extensive experience working in heavy industry, health care and research, and is our man for technology and innovation. Matt will work closely with your team to understand your business needs and develop a service that is specifically catered to you. Matt is also a UAV pilot and specialises in orthomosaics and 3D mapping.